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  • Novo tutorial no Real Python

    Novo tutorial no Real Python

    From: Dan Bader – realpython.com Hey there, There’s always something going on over at realpython.com as far as Python tutorials go. Here’s what you may have missed this past week: Python Modules and Packages – An Introduction This article explores Python modules and Python packages, two mechanisms that facilitate modular programming: → https://realpython.com/python-modules-packages/ Working With […]

  • Dicionários em python

    Publicado originalmente em Portal Física:
    Original: Dan Bader – danbader.org When I learn a new trick for my “Python coding toolbox” I often sense some benefit right away. It’s like I KNOW this thing is useful for something— And yet I’m sitting here banging my head against the table trying to find a practical…

  • Desvio padrão python x matlab

    Adaptado do original: Why does numpy std() give a different result to matlab std()? PERGUNTA I try to convert matlab code to numpy and figured out that numpy has a different result with the std function. in matlab std([1,3,4,6]) ans = 2.0817 in numpy np.std([1,3,4,6]) 1.8027756377319946 Is this normal? And how should I handle this? […]

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