Este mês na DataCamp – Fevereiro 2017

Fonte: [Mail DataCamp] (   . . This Month at DataCamp An update from your favorite online data science education company  New Statistics Curriculum! Our entirely new curriculum takes a modern approach to teaching statistics using simulation and randomization rather than the traditional theoretical approach. Courses include Introduction to Data, Exploratory Data Analysis, Correlation and … Continue lendo Este mês na DataCamp – Fevereiro 2017

Introdução ao Python científico com pandas

Fonte: Extraído do original   An Introduction to Scientific Python – Pandas MAY 30, 2016 BY JAMAL MOIR11 COMMENTS Pandas has got to be one of my most favourite libraries… Ever. Pandas allows us to deal with data in a way that us humans can understand it; with labelled columns and indexes. It allows us … Continue lendo Introdução ao Python científico com pandas

Um guia moderno para começar com Data Science e Python

A modern guide to getting started with Data Science and Python Python has an extremely rich and healthy ecosystem of data science tools. Unfortunately, to outsiders this ecosystem can look like a jungle (cue snake joke). In this blog post I will provide a step-by-step guide to venturing into this PyData jungle. Fonte: Reprodução -