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  • Migrating Databases – Django

    Migrating Databases – Django

    Original: https://justinmi.me Migrating SQLite Databases to MySQL (Django) Intro SQLite is a great RDBMS that often comes “pre-installed” with many applications. It’s main selling point is that the entire database is stored in a single file on the disk, making SQLite very fast and efficient, without losing any core functionality that many people come to…

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  • Como Instalar Django 1.9 no Linux

    Fonte: https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/how-to-install-django-1-9-on-ubuntu-15-04/ Título original:  How to Install Django 1.9 on Ubuntu 15.04 How to Install Django 1.9 on Ubuntu 15.04 This tutorial exists for these OS versions On this page Prerequisites Step 1 – Update the Ubuntu Repository Step 2 – Install Django 1. Install Django with Pip 2. Install Django with Virtualenv 3. Install Django…

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