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Hi, Happy new academic year from ShareLaTeX! Over the summer we’ve made lots of great improvements at ShareLaTeX, ready for the new term:

and finally,

For more details, keep reading:

Making LaTeX Easier

It’s easy to miss out a bracket or forget to close an environment in LaTeX, so now ShareLaTeX will warn you as you type. These typos will be much quicker to fix, since you don’t need to compile to find them. Syntax checking is currently available in our beta program, which you can join here.

latex error messages

Standard LaTeX errors also have a habit of being cryptic and unhelpful. ShareLaTeX now shows you easy to understand versions of the most common errors, with tips on how to fix them and links to more documentation about the problem.

latex error messages

If you do make a mistake, it is not uncommon for LaTeX to get caught in a long loop. The new “stop compilation” button will help kill any runaway compiles.

stop compile button

Mendeley Imports, Faster Compiles & Improved Share Project Workflow

We’ve also made lots of other great improvements. The new Mendeley import option allows you to quickly pull in all your references into ShareLaTeX with a couple of clicks. (Read more on our blog).

ShareLaTeX already has a reputation as the fastest online LaTeX compiler and we’ve done a lot of optimisation work to further speed things up. You will see the best improvements with longer documents like your thesis or dissertation.

We’ve also improved the sharing project workflow to be more flexible, so you can accept an invite under a different email address to the one it was shared with. (Read more on our blog).

Site Licences & Group Plans

We’ve set up a lot of new site licences and large groups this summer, ready for the new semester. You should receive an invite to join the group if you are covered. They include:

If you would like to get your university or department set up with ShareLaTeX please get in touch.

All the best,

Henry & James
ShareLaTeX Co-founders

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